IT Services

Reduce the complexities of IT.  Our subscription based services, strict service level agreements and concise reporting simplify management and budgeting of IT. 

Email Protection

Prevent the threat from spamming and viruses that can slow down your network or worse threaten the operation of your business.  KCG has partnered with ProofPoint to provide comprehensive email protraction that effectively filters out email before it arrives at a company network.

Backup Solutions

The risk of losing data is one of the biggest threats to a business.  Theft, fire, hurricanes, earthquake, or even a server crash can ruin a business.  KCG provides a number of online and offline solutions that can fit most any company’s needs. 

Anti-Virus Solutions

Businesses are in a constant battle when confronted with ransomware and malware  KCG has solutions that can help protect and prevent these attacks.    

Remote Monitoring

Have critical network and server components checked and monitored 24/7 for just the price of a cup of coffee a day.  Remote monitoring allows KCG to anticipate or identify issues before they become major problems.  Real-time reports and a dashboard display help pinpoint problem areas immediately.  

Remote Network and PC Support

Resolve network or PC issues quicker via remote access.  If remote support is required, technicians are equipped to handle issues using state-of-the-art tools and documentation.  They can safely and securely access a customer network to diagnose or correct problems quickly and conveniently