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Celebrating 15 Years of Service Today!

New Design, Same Reliability As you may have noticed, KCG has gone through a major facelift! We've updated our logo, redesigned our website and now offer a new set services. Kinetic still holds the same core values of providing you with the best reliable service, we just look much cooler doing it now.

With that said, as we move towards a higher quality offering, Kinetic will prioritize service to clients who are on signed service agreements. This is not to say we will no longer support our "break-fix" clientele, it just may take longer to receive service from us. We believe that in order to support your company best, we need to be partners through your journey. Now is the time to start a monthly managed service contract! Click HERE to contact us.

What's New?

Protect your business with or without a contract. The perfect package that includes antivirus, basic RMM, spam-filtering and endpoint backup. PROTEK is designed to give you basic protection without breaking the bank! More Info

Faster Support with improved Helpdesk KINETIC has implemented a new Helpdesk system that allows us to respond to any issues that you may encounter quicker, easier and with clarity.

Nice SaaS let us manage it. The cloud has become a huge part of small businesses day-to-day operations. Unfortunately most cloud based systems are not managed properly and you end up paying more for a fraction of what that application can do. Let KINETIC manage your SaaS and unlock its full potential!

Modern Approach to securing your business The newest addition to our offerings and an important piece to keep your organization secure. Cyber Security has never been more important! From policy creation and enforcement to zero-trust environments, KINETIC can help secure your companies future!

Ya, we're bloggers too OK. Maybe not bloggers, but we will periodically release industry information, expert opinions and useful tutorials. Stay tuned for more.

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