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Your Quick-Start Guide to Backup and Recovery Setup

Backup involves creating a duplicate copy of the original data and storing it in a secure location, while recovery involves retrieving the backed-up data and restoring it to its original state. While this seems redundant, that's actually the point. Hard to lose something if you have an exact copy available.

So how do you get started?

Start by identifying what data, frequency and length of time (sometimes determined by regulations) you need to backup. This will help you determine the backup and recovery solution that best fits your business needs.

Choose a backup and recovery solution:

There are plenty to choose from such as cloud-based, on-prem, and hybrid solutions. Choose the one that aligns with your business needs, budget, and IT infrastructure.

Develop a backup and recovery plan:

A document that outlines how backups will be performed, where they will be stored, and how recovery will be done in the event of a disaster. Ensure that your plan is comprehensive and covers all the important details.

Implement your backup and recovery solution:

This will involve setting up the schedule, configuring options, and testing the backup and recovery process.


Train your employees on how to use the backup and recovery solution. Ensure that they understand the importance of backups, how to initiate them, and how to recover data in the event of a disaster.

Monitor and maintain your backup and recovery solution:

Regularly monitor your backup and recovery solution to ensure that backups are being performed correctly and that your data is safe. Also, perform regular maintenance tasks, such as testing backups and updating the backup and recovery software.

To expedite these steps and save time and resources, partner with an MSP. While those first 2 steps are fairly straight forward, the rest can get complicated with every new endpoint you add.

Happy Backup day! 3/31/2023

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